About Us

Scot Prohaska, Founder of ProCode 6

When you want to be the best, you need to work with the best.

Years ago Scot went on a mission to study top athletes all over the world. He studied Olympians. He studied their coaching. Their mindsets. Their programming and scientific data. Throughout it all, what interested him the most – what made the elite athletes who had the talent fail to perform in the most pivotal moments of their career? All his learnings led to the creation of our ProCode 6 system, where we use specialized coaching combining mental and physical training to prepare athletes to perform when the stakes are the highest.
Semi-Private training to maximize your results.
Our private and semi-private training model has been carefully and intentionally crafted to ensure our clients are achieving optimum results. Every time you step into Procode, you can be confident that your coach is prepared with a plan to progress you towards your goals. When you choose to train with Procode, you are signing up for far more than a gym membership. You are partnering with a premier coach who will expertly guide you through your health and performance journey. We pride ourselves on building lifelong, invaluable relationships with our clients.

Customized nutrition guidance based on your goals.


Programs designed from the ground up to maximize your performance, have you looking and feeling your best, and periodized to help you peak for competition.


Progress is diligently tracked and programs are adjusted accordingly for constant optimization.


Coaches who build strong relationships with clients, understand their goals, and know how to get the most out of them.

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