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Get a proven ROI on your health and fitness by using the same training methodology as our top athletes to optimize your physique and performance.



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Living stiff, sore, and out-of-shape is unacceptable.
Life is too short to spend out of shape, in pain, and functioning far from optimally. Your joints and body hurt. You aren’t able to perform the way you used to. Maybe you keep struggling with nagging injuries. You’re not confident in your appearance. Physically functioning at an average level is frustrating, and untenable. And the effect it has on your quality of life is even bigger than you realize.

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress your current routine is giving you?


Do you wish you had more energy to perform at your job, at home, and in your hobbies?


Are you tired of not feeling confident in your body?

Use the same methods as our top athletes to attain elite health and fitness results.
Average training protocols leave you short of attaining your goals and are a waste of time and money. At Procode, we apply the same training methodology used with our top athletes to get you feeling, looking, and performing at your best.

Transform Your Body

We’ve all dreamt of attaining our ideal physique, but few of us ever get there. Your friends’ heads will turn when they see the results you get with us.

Perform Like an Athlete

Whether it is in the boardroom, at home with your kids, or a weekend hobby you love – our program won’t just having you looking better, it will elevate your performance to a whole new level.

Increase Energy

Training the right way will keep your mind sharp and your body energized to take on all the different challenges life throws your way.

Join A Winning Culture

You need to be a part of a community and environment of high achievers designed to help you be your absolute best, every day. You will look forward to showing up at Procode each and every session.
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Changing your health and fitness will change your life. Don’t waste any more time.

The Procode 6 – A Comprehensive Approach

This isn’t another fad diet or quick fix. Procode utilizes a complete, 6 lane approach to make sure you check all the boxes and see the results you’ve been longing for.


Customized plans based on your specific goals and the caloric and macronutrient requirements needed to get you there.

Strength Training

The most proven strength training regimens in the world will have you feeling strong with a lean and sculpted physique.


Non Exercise Activity Tracking. We help you understand and optimize how your 23 hours per day outside the gym are contributing to your health and fitness.

Cardio Training

Our cardiovascular training protocols are intentionally designed and implemented based on your body composition and performance demands.

Sleep and Recovery

Your body needs the proper rest and fuel outside the gym to maximize the adaptations you are asking it to make.

Stress Management

Often times overlooked, your lifestyle can have a significant positive or negative impact on your health and fitness.

What clients are saying

“I’ve tried just about everything over the years in regards to my health and fitness - Crossfit, HIIT, weight lifting, keto, paleo, counting macros etc… Nothing has gotten close to the results I’ve seen at Procode. Their system fun and sustainable and produces phenomenal results. I look, feel, and function better than I have in 10 years. And, as a former college athlete, the training environment and atmosphere is second to none. I look forward to coming in to Procode for each session.”

  • Robbie
Adult Client

“Prior to working with Procode I felt really helpless in my fitness journey. My knees hurt and lacked strength, I had poor posture, and I didn’t have any motivation to make a significant change. Procode has me feeling better than I have in years. My knees are strong and healthy and I am even able to run for the first time in over 30 years. Don’t waste another day thinking about training with Procode - go get started! The trainers are the highest level out there and will help you start making real progress on your goals immediately.”

  • Leslie
Adult Client
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
Deciding who to trust with your training is a big decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Do you only train athletes?
No! We love training our adult clients and take just as much pride in producing results for you as we do for our professional athletes. Your health and fitness goals are equally important to us and deserve the same level of attention to detail.
How much does it cost to train at Procode?
Our core offering is our one on one and semi private training with a coach. We have a number of different pricing options for this based on your specific goals, training frequency, etc. We pride ourselves on providing far more value than what you are paying for. There is no better investment than in yourself.
What kind of results can I expect?
We use a comprehensive and sustainable approach that has helped 100’s of clients achieve the physique they’ve always wanted. We are confident that if you commit to our system you will attain the best results you’ve ever seen in your health and fitness. And, you will have fun doing it!
How will I benefit from training the same way athletes do?
Athletes are the best movers in the world. You can benefit tremendously from implementing some of the same techniques they use to develop and hone world class athleticism into your own program. Our system won’t simply having you looking great; your body will feel and move better than you thought was possible..
What is the difference between Procode and a normal gym membership?
Procode is not a gym. We are a one of a kind training environment. When you join Procode we are committing to you just as much as you are committing to us. You will receive more attention to detail, accountability and resources to improve your health and fitness then you ever thought was available. You will also be joining a family of competitors and champions that you can take pride in being a part of.
What is included in my training program?
Our comprehensive, 6 lane approach ensures we are checking all the boxes so you can be making the progress you need to. This includes strength training, nutrition planning, lifestyle guidance, cardio training, stress management guidance, and rest and recovery protocols.
How frequently do you recommend training?
This is dependant on your personal goals and schedule. We do not work with clients less than 2 days per week but typically recommend our 3 days per week program to see optimum results.
What if I have more questions?
Give us a call! (949) 774-1622
Or email

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