Be the coach you were meant to be.

A one of a kind opportunity to learn, grow, and live your coaching dream.



  1. Elite Athletes


  1. a Proven System

  1. a Leadership Culture

So many coaches lack the knowledge, skillset, and opportunity to make the impact they want to.

Being a coach is powerful. You have the chance to significantly change the lives of the clients you are mentoring and developing. The problem is, so few coaches truly master coaching on a level that allows them to leave a lasting legacy.

We equip you to be the coach everyone remembers.

We will help you develop the coaching knowledge and skill set needed to excel in this field forever. In addition, we give you the opportunity to train elite athletes in the making and high performing adults with significant influence around the world.


Train Elite Athletes

Olympians, professionals, and top amateur athletes walk through our doors everyday looking for you to deliver the high level training we are known for.

Join a Leadership Culture

We pride ourselves on staffing a high functioning team of leaders who take their own initiative and are passionate about becoming masters in their field.

Learn a Proven System

You get to stand on the shoulders of giants and take advantage of the decades of studying and trial and error that have gone into developing our training method.

Become a Sought After Expert

When you master our system, you become an expert in the field with an abundance of opportunity at your fingertips.
Apply Today.
We are looking for Procode culture fits with a burning desire to become masters in their craft and impact people’s lives.


Submit Your Application
Use the link to send in your application including your resume, cover letter, and any other pertinent information.


Go Through the Interview Process
If you seem like a potential fit, we will reach out via phone to start moving you through the next stages in our process.


Start Coaching
We will train you in our system and help you build your own set of clients to develop.

Core Values

We stand for more than just great training. Character, values, and leadership matter tremendously at Procode.


We are lifelong learners. We believe our job is more than just a career – it is our purpose and calling that we respond to by maximizing our potential to the utmost.


Know How to Hunt

We make big commitments and hold to them every time. As a team member, we give you significant responsibility and expect you to hold it accordingly.


10 Hours

We place a high value on honor, where the good of the team comes before the good of the individual. Are you willing to sacrifice for the group?


Be the Lion

We are calm, powerful leaders who understand the magnitude of our influence.

What our employees think

"Procode has helped cultivate my progress not only professionally but personally as well. The environment is second to none with all staff, there is no better place to do what you love while being on the cutting edge of athlete performance. One of a kind opportunity to work with the 1% on the planet."

  • Charlie

"Becoming a coach at Procode has allowed me to progress my career exponentially under the elite coaching tree that this facility has to offer. Being able to mentor and guide the best athletes and high performing adults that walk through the doors of Procode gives me the self worth, confidence, and fulfillment, that I seek every day as a performance coach. Entering as a coach in this facility you know that the rest of this team will come to work with honor and integrity by putting the needs of team over the needs of themselves individually."

  • Brandon

“After training with Scot and his team as an athlete, becoming an official trainer at Procode has been one of the most enriching experiences as a university student. Not only has the job exposed me to advanced, promising, research-based training techniques, but it has also given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge/education directly to produce visible lasting results in our dedicated athletes and clients. Procode’s unique environment makes for a welcoming, fun place to be where you know you will get professional-level, hard work accomplished.”

  • Liza

Our Current Openings

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We are looking for entry, mid, and high level experienced coaches to join our team. You must have a passion for training and developing amateur athletes, a strong desire for ongoing education, and a proven work ethic. If you have an ambition to be a top 1% coach in this industry – this might be the role for you.

Our elite intern program has led to many of our current coaches landing positions with us. We prioritize your learning and development while giving you an opportunity to interact with and assist in the training of our exceptional clientele.