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  1. Power and Speed

  1. Mental Strength

  1. An Elite Athlete

So many great young athletes fail to realize their potential.

We understand how overwhelming it is trying to do all the right things to make sure you perform your best when the pressure is on. After all, you only get one chance to chase your athletic dreams! You have a lot to offer, and you need a coach that knows how to unlock all your unique potential. When you train with us, you gain the confidence that you are setting yourself up to stand out against the competition.

Do you wonder if there is more you should be doing?


Do you have a coach and system with proven success at the highest levels?


Are you tracking tangible progress in metrics like strength, speed, jumping, etc… that directly translate to better performance?


Do you show up on gameday with ultimate confidence in your ability to perform?

Get access to a world class training environment. You deserve olympic level coaching.

Our facility and community of championship level competitors pulls the very best out of you. Every day you train at Procode you are taking one more step towards achieving your goals.


Create Power and speed

Leave the competition in the dust. Our programs are proven to develop high level athletic explosiveness that transfers directly to your sport.


Become an Elite Athlete

Move with the effortless fluidity that will have heads turning. We will help you unlock your ultimate athletic expression.


Own Mental Strength

Performing in key moments is equally mental as it is physical. We train you to become the calm, powerful leader you were meant to be.


A Winning Culture

You get to train shoulder to shoulder with the very best – professional, olympic, and championship athletes from around the globe.

The Procode 6 – A One of a Kind Training System

Procode’s 6 lanes of athletic development was designed after years of studying the best athletes around the globe. We personalize it to identify and address your specific areas of needed growth.


The development of intellect, emotional regulation, and social skills that equip an athlete with the abilities to become a leader and perform under pressure.


The ability of an athlete to use vision, perceptual and reaction skills to make quick and accurate decisions on the field of play.


The intensity – repeatability – accuracy in which specific skills are performed on the field of play.


The ability of your team and self to understand your specific sport and how to execute the appropriate technical skills to give yourself the best chance to win.


Development of strength, speed, power, and more that provide the foundational elements to elite athleticism.


The ability of an athlete to properly reset and become ready to compete at a high level as quickly as possible.

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What clients are saying

“Before coming to Procode, I really lacked confidence in my physical abilities. I hated feeling small and weak. Procode gave me everything I could ever want in my training; a great environment, other top athletes to train alongside, and coaches that really care about you and take time to get to know your body. It only took a few sessions with them for me to start to gain real confidence both physically and mentally.”

  • Delaney Mihelich
High School Volleyball and Track Athlete

“I was a good athlete before training with Procode, but felt like I had more potential I wasn’t tapping into. Scot and his team were able to identify and train specific areas in my game that elevated me to that next level and gave me a real advantage on the field. I started leaving defenders in the dust! After training in their system and seeing the results I’ve gotten, I can’t imagine training anywhere else.”

  • TJ McDaniel
Running Back, SMU

“My two daughters (figure skaters) started training with Procode because we were looking to develop more strength and explosiveness in their jumps. With how much we were already spending on coaches and trainers, I had doubts about whether this investment would be worth it. We immediately saw marked improvement in my girls’ performance on the ice. After training with Procode for over two years now, I am unequivocally sold on the benefits and impact they have made on my daughters. They thank me all the time for making the investment in Procode and absolutely treasure this part of their training regimen. They love the atmosphere and getting to be a part of the Procode family. Procode will be the best investment you have ever made for yourself or your athlete(s).”

  • Dennis Lin
Procode Parent

“Prior to training with Procode I really struggled to put on size and strength. I tried a lot of different methods and was frustrated at the lack of progress I was seeing. Working with Scot’s system, I immediately saw serious gains in my strength and muscle development, which translated to feeling more controlled on the ice. Scot and the Procode team are great at working with each athlete’s specific goals, and their training is designed to translate directly to improved performance in your sport.”

  • Ryan Johnson
1 Round NHL Draft Pick

Procode's 6 Lanes of Elite Athletic Performance - secrets only the pros know.


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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Deciding who to trust with your training is a big decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

What age do you start training athletes?

We generally take athletes starting around age 12 depending upon their sport and specific goals.

How many days a week do I need to train?
This is dependent on your personal goals and schedule. We do not work with clients less than 2 days per week but typically recommend our 3 days per week program to see optimum results.
Is there a specific sport you specialize in training?
No! We have experience training athletes at the highest levels of competition in hockey, football, ice skating, baseball, basketball, fighting, and more.
Will training with you affect the current sport(s) I am competing in?
No! We are accustomed to working with with all kinds of athletes in the midst of competition season, practice schedules, etc… and have extensive knowledge on how to optimize your training to ensure your are making progress but are also fresh and ready to perform on gameday.
How much does it cost to train with you?
Our pricing varies and is based on your specific goals, training frequency, length of your commitment, and other factors. We pride ourselves on providing a product whose value far outweighs the cost!
What is included in the training program?
When you train at Procode you receive personalized coaching in an individual or semi-private setting, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, a customized plan to reach your unique goals, access to our world class training environment and community, and much more.
How do I know your training will be effective for me?
Our track record speaks for itself. We have developed 100’s of athletes across a variety of sports and are confident in our system and ability to help you maximize your athletic potential. In addition, we diligently track metrics such as speed, power, strength and body composition to ensure you are making progress.
What if I have more questions?
Give us a call! (949) 774-1622
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