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Today’s athletic landscape is too competitive to take a risk on your training and development. If you’re not training using precise, science driven data, you will:

Fall behind the competition
Put yourself at greater risk of injury
Fail to unlock your full potential
Compromise your athletic dreams

Our Complete Athletic Evaluation delivers the information you need to realize your potential and elevate to the next level.


Modern professional sports teams spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year on data that helps their athletes:

Avoid Injury
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Maximize their potential
Perform better in the biggest moments of competition

The problem is, this kind of cutting edge sports science has never been accessible to amateur athletes. Now it is.

This Evaluation Will  Change Your Game

30 years of experience training elite athletes meets the best modern sports science technology available. The result is the most comprehensive athletic evaluation in the world. It includes:

Body Composition Testing
Orthopedic Testing
Jump and Power Profile
Speed Testing
Strength and Structural Balance Testing
Endurance Testing



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Body Composition Testing

Don’t let your physical makeup be a limiting factor. We’ve identified specific body composition markers in top performers based on age, sport, and position.

✔ Muscular makeup analysis
✔ Body fat percentage
✔ Balance and symmetry analysis
✔ Fluid and hydration report

Orthopedic Testing

Understand your injury risk potential and specific joint vulnerabilities. Become a more durable and mobile athlete.

✔ Joint by joint orthopedic analysis
✔ Normative ranges for mobility in each joint
✔ Injury risk assessment
✔ Identify performance limitations

Jump and Power Profile

Explosive athletes elevate above the competition. These are the same tests professionals and olympians use to evaluate and improve their jumping and overall power output.

✔ Vertical and Horizontal jump metrics
✔ Bilateral and Unilateral analysis
✔ Complete power profile
✔ Recommendations for specific areas of improvement

Speed Testing

Speed is the name of the game. But, how are you supposed to get faster if you can’t identify the exact areas you need to improve?

✔ Technique capture and analysis
✔ Start and acceleration analysis
✔ Detailed Velocity profile
✔ Top-end speed analysis

Strength and Structural Balance Analysis

Most young athletes need to get stronger. We identify the exact areas you need to improve strength in and teach you how to build it the right way.

✔ Upper and Lower Body strength testing
✔ Age specific norms to measure against
✔ Custom training protocols
✔ Safe and effective strength development plan

Endurance Testing

Is your aerobic capacity holding you back? We pride ourselves on developing athletes who get stronger as the competition wears on.

✔ Aerobic capacity report
✔ Endurance development protocols
✔ Power output analysis across different stages of performance
✔ Understand your aerobic limitations

Developed by a Master

For over 30 years, Scot Prohaska has trained professional, Olympic, and top amateur athletes all over the world.

He has an uncanny ability to identify the exact areas an athlete needs to work on to unlock their potential and elevate their game to the next level. This test is the culmination of a lifetime evaluating and developing the best athletes in the world.

We’ve combined Scot’s unique skill set with the best technology in the industry to give you a precise athletic profile so you can maximize your training trajectory and unlock your ultimate potential.

What clients are saying

“For my money, Scot Prohaska is the top performance coach in the world. Because he’s worked with so many elite athletes from right across the sport’s spectrum, he’s able to take the best of the best performance enhancing strategies and put together a customized plan to meet your specific needs. He transformed me from being a good athlete to one of, if not the top athlete in the UFC.

  • Michael “The Count” Bisping
UFC Champion

“Working with Scot is not a cost. It is an investment in your career and who you want to be as a person. Prior to Scot, I had no set performance plan. Working with Scot was the turning point of my career. I would recommend Scot’s services to any athlete who wants to substantially raise the level of their game and is not sure how to go about it.”

  • Fredrick Anderson
NHL Goalie

“Before coming to Procode I always felt working out was a chore. I had gone through a number of different trainers with very little real results. On the ice, I struggled with jumping and was constantly getting injured due to weakness. After working with procode, I began to enjoy my training. I loved the results I was seeing and feeling. On the ice, I felt so much stronger. I wasn’t getting injured as often and my performance was noticeably different. Each week I was able to challenge myself and enjoy the amazing training environment that Scot created. Procode understands athletes better than anyone else.”

  • Joelle Lin
Figure Skater

“I’ve worked with Scot and trusted him as my primary advisor on all aspects of my athletic development since before high school. His knowledge and expertise have been a critical piece to my success as an athlete, and my relationship with him is invaluable. Nobody prepares me to perform on the biggest stages both physically and mentally the way Scot does. I look forward to continue using Scot and the Procode method of training athletes for the lifetime of my athletic career.”

  • JT Daniels
University of Georgia Quarterback, 2017 – 2018
Gatorade High School National Football Athlete of the Year


Why do I need an evaluation?

Think of our athletic evaluation as the evolution to your annual physical. It will  ensure that your training program is delivering the results you need, you are preventing injury, and you are on track to achieve your athletic goals. A better questions is why wouldn’t you get evaluated?

What happens after I get evaluated?

Within 24 hours we will deliver your custom report outlining all of the results from your evaluation. We will also make training recommendations based on what we observed. We hope that you decide to become a Procode athlete and take the next step in your athletic development with us.

How often should I get evaluated?

If you are a Procode athlete, we are constantly testing different pieces of the evaluation as part of your training rhythm to ensure you are on track. We recommend having the full panel done 2-3 times per year depending on your specific goals.

How long does the evaluation take?
Our evaluation takes about an hour. One of our elite coaches will take you through each step and provide feedback as you go.
How should I prepare for my evaluation?

Show up to the facility prepared for a light workout. Wear athletic clothes and shoes and bring some water or hydration of your choice.

Are these really the same data points professional athletes are using today?

Yes. We train a large amount of professional and Olympic athletes and we use the same battery of tests to evaluate their progress and prepare them for competition.

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