Perform your best in the moments that define your legacy.

A comprehensive approach to training that ensures you maximize your one chance to live out your dreams.



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Too many pros regret not making the most of their opportunities.

At your level, the smallest advantages can separate the good from the truly great. Every little percentage of improvement counts, and can be the difference between your next big contract and the end of your career. It isn’t about just working harder, either. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Now, it’s about implementing the perfect strategy to ensure you are performing at your peak when it matters most. Don’t get to the end of your career and wonder “what if?” Maximize every bit of your ability and leave a legacy to be remembered.

Has your training evolved to match the demands of your career, or are you using the same old techniques and methods?


Are you being coached using a true science-backed system grounded in real results?


Are you confident that your training is consistently leading to direct, measurable improvement in your sport?


Are you being pushed to be your best daily by a coach who cares about you and a community of professional level peers?

Trust a proven coach and a system to help earn respect and get paid.
You only get one shot at leaving a legacy you can be proud of. Your training is too important to leave up to anyone but the best.

Gain Respect

You demand one thing out of your training – direct transfer to elite performance in your sport that garners the respect of your peers. Our training does just that.

Win Titles & Contracts

The opportunity to live the life of your dreams is right in front of you. Reap the rewards of continually striving to dominate the competition when it matters the most.


Extend Your Career

Your livelihood depends on you being able to perform on game day. We prepare your body to meet the specific demands of your sport and season.

A Winning Culture

You need like-minded peers to push you. Train shoulder to shoulder with the very best – professional, olympic, and championship athletes from around the globe.

The Procode 6 – A One of a Kind Training System

Procode’s 6 lanes of athletic development was designed after years of studying the best athletes around the globe. We personalize it to identify and address your specific areas of needed growth.


The development of intellect, emotional regulation, and social skills that equip an athlete with the abilities to become a leader and perform under pressure.


The ability of an athlete to use vision, perceptual and reaction skills to make quick and accurate decisions on the field of play.


The intensity – repeatability – accuracy in which specific skills are performed on the field of play.


The ability of your team and self to understand your specific sport and how to execute the appropriate technical skills to give yourself the best chance to win.


Development of strength, speed, power, and more that provide the foundational elements to elite athleticism.


The ability of an athlete to properly reset and become ready to compete at a high level as quickly as possible.

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What clients are saying

“Scot changed both my career and my life for the better. He showed me how to focus my energy in ways to maximize my performance on and off the court. The multi-million dollar contract I signed in 2013 is a direct result of my association with Scot.”

  • Matt Barnes
NBA Guard

“I’ve worked with Scot the last few off-seasons and have felt a noticeable difference in my game as a result. He does an incredible job of tailoring the workouts and specific movements to fit each athlete’s needs and the demands of their sport. One of the things I’ve appreciated the most about Scot is how he connects his athletes with his network of experts in other fields - nutrition, physical therapy, etc… to ensure they have access to everything they need to continue to develop. I look forward to working with Scot for as long as I can.”

  • Mason Rudolph

“Prior to working with Procode I really struggled to maintain a balanced muscular structure. This opened me up to injury and limited my performance. Procode helped to rebuild every muscle and ligament in my body - giving me a strong and reliable foundation that allowed me to maximize my power and agility. Procode’s plans are not a quick fix, but working with them is a critical investment in your athletic career that will allow you to fully maximize your potential. Working with the Procode staff is easy and enjoyable and their process is hands on and motivating."

  • Alexa Knierem
Olympic Silver Medal Figure Skater

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